Born in Kent, England, I grew obsessed with the tales of British explorers at a young age. I became fascinated by their worldly, cultural quests and the stories they regaled upon their return. Spurred on by the likes of Palin and Hemingway, I began travelling the world, resolute in the study of experiential learning. To balance my formal training in psychology, sociology and the mathematical sciences, I sought out spiritual teachers and Eastern philosophies. I lived with indigenous communities and trialed their plant medicines, which later led me to meditation.

In 2010 I moved to North America, where I spent seven months in an ashram living as a monk whilst studying under a leading N.Y.U. communications professor. In 2018 I began teaching workshops focusing on self-discovery, purpose, paths to self and interpersonal communication through authentic storytelling. I’ve instructed the C-suites of billion-dollar corporations, coached Olympians, facilitated workshops at Coachella Music Festival and Discovery Channel has published my writing and imagery.